Mar 23, 2011

Self Evaluation II

The following post pertains to my Communicating Science Class, you can disregard it unless you want to read on how I think my blogging has been. 

I think that my blog is doing very well.  I have posted more than the required amount of posts, with some posts being quick posts and others being more in depth.  I believe that my posts are well edited and concise with no grammar or spelling errors that distract from the topic. 

I have been able to engage my readers consistently with interesting posts that provide the reader with the opportunity to comment on how they feel about the topic.  My blog has good traffic with a total of nine followers two of them who are from outside our class.  

I have been pretty good about commenting on others blogs, I lost count of the overall comment count but I comment on a wide range of blogs with thoughtful comments not always just praise.  I also believe I am good at responding to comments on my own blog taking ideas from the commenters on what they want to see and writing posts about that.  

I have also been trying to comment on other blogs that deal with Biometrics that I follow, however since most of those blogs are industry blogs that require comments to be reviewed I have only seen a few actually published.  I have however been good at pointing people towards interesting blogs in this same subject.  

Multimedia is used consistently on my blog; there is never just a scary block of text to have to read through, I add images or videos to help portray my message.

I believe my biggest weakness right now is the lack of interaction with other bloggers on this subject.  While I have tried to gather traffic from their blogs by commenting there I have not been able to contact another author or have them comment on my blog.  I will keep trying on this and try to find a blog not run by industry that I can engage the author. 

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