Feb 28, 2011

Your Private Info For Sale

This post relates back to an older post of mine Fingerprint For Beer.  If the pubs are taking your personal information & biometrics and storing it in a database without regulations what is to stop them from doing what is happening in Moscow with databases being sold like music CD's? Take a look at this video about databases being sold in Moscow which is extremely disturbing, I recommend the whole video but to see even their President's info on a database skip to 2:27 (at the time the president of Russia was Vladimir Putin)

What do you think about this? Does it change any of your opinions about allowing your biometrics to be scanned at a bar?



  1. Why, yes. Yes it does. This kind of thing is pretty scary. You would think that there would be more effort to suppress these black market dealings, but apparently nobody cares that much. Or is it just too difficult to prevent?

  2. At the point in their government it is too difficult to cut off outright but they could do a better job at trying to prevent it. As you can see they were being sold on a store in full display. Police could crack down on it but they are the people who are most likely providing the databases in the first place so there is a lot of corruption. Luckily as far as I know this is not happening in the U.S. and the laws in the U.S. are a lot more stringent on personal information to hopefully prevent this.

  3. Do you know how this information is treated for tourists? If I went to visit a bar in Moscow, for instance, and they took my bio-data, then could my stuff be sold too?

  4. Wow that's crazy. I can definitely believe it though. Given all the corruption in the US, of course there is stuff like this happening in other countries. This is a good video though. It stimulates ethics questions that people might not think about for sure.