May 2, 2011

We Got Him!

So as all of you have undoubtedly heard by now on Sunday morning a squad created by JSOC or Joint Special Operations Command infiltrated Osama Bin Laden’s one acre hiding facility and was able to terminate Bin Laden with two shots to the head.  What might not be so clear and won’t be for a long, long time is how the intelligence leading up to knowing his location was obtained.  

One thing that is known however is that JSOC units were paired with intelligence analysts from the NSA, CIA and the NGA.  The technicians could “exploit and analyze” data obtained instantly from the battlefield including biometric and facial recognition data. Sound familiar? It should if you are a dedicated reader of my blog, since this data was most likely gathered by using the HIIDE device that I talked about in Biometric Army.  

So while the intelligence information will be classified for a loooong time, I am happy to think that biometrics might have helped in some way to locate Osama. 


  1. That would be interesting to find out. I heard somewhere that they had some of his dna already in order to test and make sure it was him. If that's true, I wonder how they got the first dna?

  2. It's always interesting to see what can be applied to the topics of science that interest us.

  3. I heard that it was family dna that they had and his was close enough to verify him. Who knows tho? The whole classified thing is daunting.