Apr 4, 2011

Incredible Biometrics

The movie The Incredibles features a scene where Edna Mode gains access to her den by use of Biometrics.  The Biometric part can be seen starting 30 seconds in until about 45 seconds into the clip. 

The clip is actually quite realistic considering all the technologies she uses are currently available.  The first thing she uses is just a pin number.  Although Biometric technologies are seen by many to eliminate passwords and pins, this adds an extra layer of security to her lair.  Next Edna uses a hand scanner which are already in use in many different places.  Edna then goes on to use an Iris or Retina scanner, it is not exactly clear which one, but based on the fact that she lowers her glasses it was probably a Retina scanner.  Finally she finishes by using voice recognition of her name.  This four step security system is a little paranoid but it would provide excellent protection, since the odds of beating all four of these technologies are very, very slim (especially with the huge machine gun if you fail). 


  1. The video is covering up a little bit of your text at the top there.

    For me, it's interesting to note that things in the film are actually available, but would be even more interesting to note where and when they are used. And are they used in conjunction with one another like this?

  2. @ Jen- Could you let me know what browser you are using because in Firefox it looks fine. Also I'll look into when some of these are used and post back on it.